Tournament system kart

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The torunament system supports the registration team as well as the results evaluation team at our tournaments.


  • Supports multiple tournaments without the need of reconfiguring the database.
  • Several different tournament types can be selected and each tournament type can be configured individually.
  • Drivers participating in multiple tournaments only need to be registered once and can be added to every tournament.
  • Team evaluations are automatically generated by the system. The tournament type determines the maximum number and the number of drivers considered for evaluation per team.
  • Evaluations and starting lists for each class and the team evaluations can be downloaded as PDF.
  • Seasons can be created - the results are directly taken from the respective tournaments.
  • Qualification rules can manage participations in special ways. Starting numbers can then be assigned automatically.
  • The integrated account system allows for assigning permissions on a per tournament basis or for all tournaments. Advanced tasks like managing torunaments or accounts is only available to higher ranked accounts (Global Operator). Levels are sub-divided here as well.
  • And much more...
Disc Dropper Screenshot Disc Dropper Screenshot