Disc Dropper

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Make your opponents play for you.

Paths open and close. But not on their own. Only by sending Discs on their way. On the way downwards. Solely redirected by the arrow fields on the playing board.

Do not get stuck in the wrong place. Or it will cost your points.

Do not be overhasty. Sometimes it pays off to wait. Until the right path opens. All the way down. Yielding. Maximum. Points.

The Game

Disc Dropper Screenshot

Disc Dropper is a strategy game in which every player has the same options. But not at every point in time. And not at the same time.

Every player has his own set of discs in the top row. Objective is to get the discs as far down as possible. Because the further down the discs get, the more points they yield. The players send their discs down in a round robin manner until no playable disc is left.

Winner is, who managed to gather the most points.

The Task

Disc Dropper Screenshot

The task looks simple:
Play all the discs.

However, the problem is not:
In which order?

The solution?
It depends. On the board. On your opponents. On You.

Every match is different.

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  • Singleplayer mode against the bot
  • Multiplayer with 2 to 4 players on one iPad (optionally, the bot can play as 5th player)
  • Randomly generated playing boards
  • 3 different board sizes having 8, 16, or 24 discs per player

And never forget: To reach your goal, you need your opponent.

Disc Dropper Screenshot Disc Dropper Screenshot